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SvennoJ said:
smroadkill15 said:

Sony and Nintendo have brand name appeal for a reason, MS has it to a lesser extent. MS doesn't get the benefit of the doubt like Sony does, and for obvious reasons, but once those Xbox 1st party games start dropping people will notice, and combine that with Game Pass? Could be huge for Xbox sales. I already stated how those QoL features will hardly be noticed by the general public, but I disagree with the statement about casuals not caring about these features. It's more so not knowing about them because some of these features like 60FPS boost is a big deal and quick resume is one of the most 'next gen' features any of these consoles have. 

Now you arguing how appealing Game Pass is when it has 20 something million subscribers and growing? I don't think you can make a compelling argument without reaching and using your own bias to downplay it, when in fact it is really appealing and the numbers speak for themselves. 

Could be huge, if MS can deliver great 1st party games that also appeal outside the US/UK demographic.

Gamepass mostly has existing XBox customers subscribed, yes it's hugely successful for the fans and those that like to try a lot of different games. I'm arguing how appealing is it to the 'play a couple games a lot' player. The free to play games gamer and the PC and mobile gamers MS wants to get to with game pass. It's the same with all the other things MS does, great for the hardcore gamer, but still fails to touch the blue ocean like Nintendo can. That blue ocean is what creates the brand name appeal.

SSD is the big deal this gen, quick resume just adds some sugar on top. Loading times aren't really a problem anymore, at least not for games made for this gen. And 60fps boost is for BC games, not a big deal. People don't buy consoles to play last gen games, it's a bonus, not a deal maker.

Anyway, maybe in two years we can see whether this strategy pays off. Far too hard to tell now with supply constraints, Covid boosting entertainment consumption numbers while delaying games left and right. In 2 years, exclusives should be out, people are back to work/school, recession will be in effect. I wonder what the landscape will look like.

You're downplaying these features to create an argument. People buy consoles to play games, and being BC is irrelevant especially when there are hardly any next-gen only games to play. If I showed a casual gamer a handful of BC games and was like, you can play these at 60/120fps on Xbox and only 30fps on Ps5, I don't think they will be like nah these are last gen games. If we looked at a graph of what games are being played on XSX and PS5, the vast majority will be cross-gen games and last gen games by a wide margin. 

The main point of this thread was, if someone really care about the few Ps5 exclusives out right now, then I would say go with the Ps5, but if someone doesn't, Xbox is a more appealing console when we break down everything both system has to offer, but is mainly being overlooked because varies factors like brand name.