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curl-6 said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

We know that Microsoft has bought a lot of studios lately.  That is a pretty big change in itself.  Wouldn't it be wise to see the sales impact from exclusive games before jumping to conclusions?

Also, I seem to recall that you were not confident at all about the Switch's success for years.  How can you be so confident of the PS5's success?

PS consoles are a lot more consistent than Nintendo's in terms of sales.

Their worst selling still sold 87 million, and that was with an almost perfect storm of fuckups.

How was the PS3 a perfect storm of fuckups?  They followed the same strategy for the PS4 and now the PS5.  The only difference is that the starting price was too high on the PS3.  That's not a perfect storm.  That's one fuckup.