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Hi everyone, here is the latest profile for the PS5

The PS5 had a great month, but in comparison to other mayor consoles it fell a bit behind.

1) The PS5 is virtually tied with the lifetime sales of the Dreamcast, it should surpass it any day now. 

2) This month, the PS5 also has the chance to pass the Sega Saturn lifetime sales.

3) In Gap charts, it is keeping pace with the 3DS and Switch, while it is ahead of all other consoles.

4) The PS5 came in fourth for April Year 1 sales. This puts it behind the Wii, PS4 and Switch

5) Next month's record seems a bit out of reach, specially when considering the shortages. But it will still be interesting to see if it can manage around 700K units.

6) At 8M sold in 6 months, the PS5 is having a fantastic first year, hopefully they can continue producing and selling as many consoles as possible.