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Rab said:

The Palestinians were once the dominated ethnic group in the area 100+ years ago, they are now in the minority, decades of a systematic attempt at eradicating them

In 1914, there were about 525,000 Muslims living in the Palestine region. Even after the establishment of Israel, over 3 million Jews moved into the country. However could the Israeli population have gotten so large? /s

It's not as if the Palestinian population is declining either. The West Bank and Gaza shot up from about 1 million residents in 1970 to 4.1 million in 2010. Even if you include the 500k to 600k Israeli settlers in the West Bank at the time, the Palestinian population is one of the fastest growing populations in the world.

I do not like Israel. I normally do not talk about politics on VGChartz, but I need to make my opinion clear for what I'm going to say in this post: Israel is a semi-theocratic shithole whose government regularly abuses the people they rule over. They are to be condemned, and sanctioned as is appropriate. However, labeling what they do as genocidal is frankly disrespectful to victims of genocide across the world.

I think it's also disingenuous for people to ignore the fact that many of Israel's neighbors (both Palestinians and others) would do far worse to the Israeli population than what is currently being done to the Palestinians. Or do you really think those people calling for the "destruction of Israel" and to "drive Israel into the sea" plan on doing so in a way that leaves them unharmed?

It's not even as if Israel's track record is purely tyrannical! Back in 2005, they forced all of the Israeli settlers to pull out of the Gaza Strip. That isn't the same as giving independence, but that's still a big step towards improving the welfare of Palestinians living in the area. Guess how long it took Hamas to fire rockets into Israel. That's right, a few hours! Gee, I wonder why Israel is so mistrustful of Palestinians, given that Hamas won the legislative elections a few months later.

TLDR - Fuck Israel, and also Fuck anyone who think that they are the main villains in this story.

Love and tolerate.