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I think the "hero-status" of xobox is not unsung at all. As threads like this proof. I see it everywhere, online and with a lot of my friends - everybody seems hyped about xbox right now. But to me, this is soley justified to a certain extent. Like b.c. is super cool to have and game pass is incredible value.
But when it comes to exclusive games, especially first party, i think xbox is almoust the opposite of an unsung hero - they seem to get a free pass with their abysmal output. And I think it is astounding hiw big of a role marketing and announcements play with this.
Sony has their cards close to their chest. We know next to nothing about their releases in 2022 and beyond. Xbox has so many things announced. How many years until all of that is released? Their catalogue is incredible, undeniably so, but all of this is in the future. I really hope they will deliver on all of this, but I want games to play, not to look forward too. This seems like a sentiment a lot of people don't share with me. It seems, as long as people have something to look forward to, all is fine for them.
But what was the launch lineup for series x/s, and what have they released since? Not saying that sony is so much better, but at least there is something here.
When Halo releases, is absolutely great and there is not much noise about it, then I will consider xbox being unsung heros.