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Spindel said:

A story from the life of an amature monster hunter:

So I’ve now played for a while and reached HR6, I’ve finished all village quest, hub quests and the rampage quests that I have to do up until HR6. I’ve also finished some HR6 quests and considered I was progressing well. During this journey I’ve carted a few times, some times because over ambition, some times because of sloppyness but yeah shit happends but never failed a quest.

In good spirit I start the HR6 hunt for Zingore and I get completley obliterated and fail that quest, TWICE!

It’s like WTF just happened to that monster, from in previous encounters being a bit of a challange (but not the hardest of the minsters) I get completley stomped. The biggest issue is that if I do an tiny misstake I get stuck (as can’t evade or get away) in one of Zingores combos that basically takes my life bar from 100 % to 0 % in one swoop because the ”stun” effect wears off just in time for the next hit.

Man shit just got real and I’m starting to worry about my first high level encounter with Tigrex, that was the monster that I’ve found to be the hardest in lower level hunts.

Can you not just do other Key Quests to make up your total? You don't have to do every one.

Zinogre's always been a bastard, I'm thinking of just bypassing his High Rank form myself as I'm not sure I could handle it.