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Otter said:
kazuyamishima said:

Not really, GOT had 83/100 and did great sales.

Once it goes on sale it will go from $70 to 50-60 and a lot of people will jump into it. Meaning more profit for everybody (not the gamers sadly). 

I said "far more" day one sales, not that it can't sell well at its current rating. Thats based of $60 making people more comfortable testing the waters and the metacritic being higher as a result of lower price tag (since it was brought up in several reviews). I also wouldn't compare it to a game like GOT which had far more hype. 

200k at $70= $14,000,000

250k at $60= $15,000,000

Sony should reserve $70 for games which either have huge budgets, or games with such obvious appeal there is no concern about the price tag dampening early success.

I doubt most current PS5 owners are price sensitive. Hell, they may have even paid extra for a scalped console.

I am willing to bet that anyone who bought a PS5 so early into its lifecycle is itching for new and exclusive content that you can't get anywhere else. Returnal being a hit and a graphical showcase bodes well for its sales prospects.

Besides most gamers are buying games digitally now and it is doubtful Sony will reduce the price of this game on the PS Store any time soon.

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