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Shadow1980 said:

Everything saw big jumps from February. Even in terms of weekly averages (March being a 5-week month), all three systems looked to have grown somewhere in the 20-30% range month-over-month. That $1400 stimulus definitely did its work. March is rarely up from February in terms of weekly averages, and almost never anything this large. The only exceptions were the PS2 in 2001 (restocks), the GBA in 2003 (the SP and Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire), the Wii in 2008 (Smash), and all systems last March (the initial effects of the COVID bump, plus AC for the Switch).

And MS needs to get more Series X stock out. Hopefully they're easier to come across by time Halo Infinite comes out. At this rate, my prediction of a closer PS vs. Xbox race this gen won't pan out, though it's still very early and things could change as stock issues eventually get resolved and both systems get more games (and maybe some price cuts) under their belts.

I may update my charts, but it never feels right doing so without concrete numbers.

I don’t the stimulus check was really the reaason sales went up as high as they did. (Though they helped a bit)

Like everyone knows about the fact that all 3 currently sell everything they ship (Nintendo more so the OG model as I never see it at retail), and like you said 5week that avg jumped up from feb 4week by roughly 25-30%. Mar10 sales/MH Rise limited edition and release and of course the end of FY that probably made Nintendo ship out lot for March which demand still hasn’t been settled

Also I’m on the “stop using past trends” ship as NSW is literally doing its own thing which has never been seen before and add to the fact that this is Nintendo first system that is solely focused on instead of splitting resources like in the pasr