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SKMBlake said:
jason1637 said:

Yeah they did. They turned their first party from 5 studios to over 20 studios, they released a new subscription service (gamepass) with over 18 million users. The situation MS is in right now is much better than they were in 2013. 

Ugh, not this again.

"They have 23 studios"

"Yeah but, the generation is over and we got only a bunch of exclusives"

"I said 23 STUDIOS, didn't you hear me ?"

"Yeah, but what about the games ?"

"23 studios, that's huge, how many studio do you have ?"

I mean those studios making games as we speak. The games will come out. Game development takes time, especially with a pandemic.

The point is that most people are far more optimistic with the future of Xbox now than they were in 2013 because of the moves Microsoft of the changes MS has done to bolster their first party and create and awesome service that gives people a lot of games to play.