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There are two kind of games that can make me spend dozen of hours in front of the screen: A good visual novel, and a good RPG. I never played a Neptunia game for real, even if I bought MegaTagmension Blanc+Neptune Vs. Zombies on a Steam sale, and played Superdimension Neptunia Vs. Sega Hard Girls for a couple of hours.

About a week ago, I had nothing interesting to play, and I remembered something about Neptunia games mixing visual novel and RPG. So I thought "Well, let's start by playing the first game then." I found out that Re;Birth1 was a remake of the PS3 original game, and decided to give it a try, even if the reviews were not very encouraging.

Well, here are the results: I'm about 22 hours in Neptunia Re;Birth1 and I'm still excited to play more. And I want to play the sequels. It's very rare for a game series to have this kind of impact on me.

Yes, the gameplay is far from perfect, and the dungeons and music are repetitive. But the plot and cutscenes are a lot of fun, the characters are very likeable, and using EXE attacks to obliterate enemies is very cool!

I will give MegaTagmension another try after I'm done with the original trilogy. I also plan to play the spin-offs, if I can. Maybe I will give up at some point, like I do with some games, but so far everything is very promising! So yeah, I will probably become a Neptunia fan.

Also, in order to answer my threads, you must agree that IF and Blanc are the best girls.