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Machina said:

Currently finishing The 100. Show has come a looooong way since the first few episodes, which were pretty cringey at times. Glad I stuck with it.

Couple days ago I was so grateful to you for recommending this. Now I truly hate you for it. One of the dumbest things you can do is to recommend a series before you've actually finished it.

The one silver lining is that it gave me newfound perspective of how Game of Thrones season 8 is nowhere near as bad as people keep telling themselves. I already felt that way but that feeling is reinforced now. At the very least, Game of Thrones including season 8 is still re-watchable.

Thanks for the tainted memories.

Side-note for everyone else in the thread: So I don't ignore my own hypocrisy for making the thread promoting Attack on Titan's Final Season, now that the manga has ended I wholeheartedly recommend dropping that series hard and fast.

I began binge-watching other series to take my mind off the leaks for the final chapter, given how the past dozen or so chapters had been and not having much faith left Isayama could still stick the landing. Well he certainly fumbled it in magnificent fashion and right now I need something to take my mind off of two major disappointments.