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V-r0cK said:

If true, I feel like Sony's reason to remake this is to be in lined with the new TLoU tv show that's coming out. If there was any time to remake it now would be it.

Anybody that's feeling negative about this, would you prefer that Sony just ports the PS3/PS4 version over to the PS5? I'm more happy that they're remaking this rather than to get another remaster. I'm sure Sony will utilize the power of the PS5 for this so lets see what they can do.

Also, forget Days Gone, give me The Order 1886 sequel! lol

Yes of course lol. You're essentially asking whether you would rather have a remake of a perfectly modern game or have a brand new  title (including an optional TLOU3 conclusion).

Last edited by Otter - on 09 April 2021