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kazuyamishima said:

Bloomberg, the same ones that said that Sony would release about a million less PS5 units compared to PS4.

And that the price of PS5 would around $549.

And that they were having yield issues with the chips.

And the production was about 10 million units fiscal year, then 15, then backed to 11 million units.

Are we talking about the same Bloomberg??

Reminds me of the rumour about Resident Evil Village having serious problems trying to run at 1080p and 30fps on PS5, and then suddenly Capcom added PS4 and Xbone versions.

Added rumour to it just for caution. More specifically than Bloomberg its coming from Jason Schreier. Regardless of how someone might feel about him, his investigative journalism is second to none in the industry. There is not really a more reliable source for "rumour". Also prior to any console launch 1000 things are up in the air especially with the pandemic they were launched in. Wouldn't put too much weight in reports in changing production and certainly not anything relating to price which can change the day before a reveal. For example sony doubled the PS4's ram last minute