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CrowRSchneider said:

First of all I'm not very good at English so I hope I can make my point as clear as I want.

So it's been a couple of years since I feel like this Nintendo generation isn't as charming as before and I've been thinking that magic from before was because of Iwata. I miss a lot of features that maybe weren't necessary for a gaming console but gave a lot of personality to Nintendo, I miss having another reason to take my console out to have it interact with other consoles (Street pass) and filling a 3D poster from a game with every person I crossed, I miss those mii plaza free mini games, the themes with dedicated music, music in every menu and in the eshop, viewing the rankings of my most played games and what I played in which day, Miiverse, Wii sports, funny directs, and a lot more.
Sometimes I think that the reason Nintendo doesn't do that anymore is because when they tried a lot of that it was in their worst generation and now that they keep it simple they're selling like almost never before, which I think that is giving them a lot of confidence to make some not so good moves like charging full price for ports or not addressing Joycon drift (but that's another topic).

So my question is: Do you think Nintendo would be different with Iwata still here or would have been the same maybe with some minor changes? when do you think he would have retired?
I'd love if you give me your full thoughts on this.

TLDR: What would be different in Nintendo if Iwata was still in charge?

I disagree that there isn't as much charm since Iwata passed. Also, streetpass, mii plaza, and the 3DS were not primarily designed by Iwata. I believe they were lead by Hideki Konno. 

Nintendo has always kept their software prices high when other developers slash them. That's just Nintendo and their business model. I'd even say that the only reason games like Windwaker and DKC: Tropical Freeze were ever less than $60 was because they were trying to sell more Wii U units. In this sense, they changed for that era, not the other way around. 

Anyway, I do think things would be a bit different. For example, I think that Iwata may have pushed Pokemon Sword and Shield in a more positive direction, and I don't believe Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes would look the way that they do currently. I also think he would have continued to push the Mii's. I don't think things would be drastically different overall. Iwata was an incredible developer and a nice businessman. He was partially responsible for Nintendo's best and worst selling consoles (both portable and home). He will be missed, but I don't think his absence has changed Nintendo so drastically.