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So a little mix of Bold prediction with a more depth intill an analysis breakdown 

Of course this will have to be checked on Yearly to see how far it progressed. First of all as of 2020, SSBU is at 5.17mil. This currently as of this writing makes it the 13th best selling game in japan (14 games sold over 5mil only) and on its way to make easily top 5 (yes I you read that correctly)

I’ll post extra information in the 2nd post (top selling japan games/etc) but this will contain only the smash information!

Lets begin!!!

***Facts: Shipment+Digital

FY19: 3530k

FY20: 900k

FY21: 740k + Q4* 

Tot: 5170k

***Sell thru retail (Legs)

FY20 - 644k... (Q1-4: 148k > 149k > 207k > 140k)

FY21 - 583k... (Q1-4: 109k > 98k > 225k > 151k) *missing 1 more week

*** Comparison Legs

FY20: 644k Sell Thru vs 900k Ship+Digital

FY21: 583k Sell Thru vs 740k+???k (Q4 missing)

****** Prediction Time ******

-Note: Keep in mind, predictions are based off of NSW hardware with steady declines and no new Successor intill either 2024/2025... Enjoy!!!

Conservative Prediction:

FY21: 840k *100k for Q4

FY22: 590k (YoY -30%)

FY23: 360k (YoY -40%)

FY24: 220k (YoY -40%)

FY25: 90k (YoY -60%)

FY26+ 20k

Tot: 6.55mil

And the one you all been waiting for

BOLD Prediction:

FY21: 880k *140k for Q4

FY22: 800k (YoY -10%)

FY23: 560k (YoY -30%)

FY24: 450k (YoY -20%)

FY25: 270k (YoY -40%)

FY26+ 210k

Total: 7.6mil


Last edited by tbone51 - on 03 April 2021