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I wouldn't consider the Wii U PC Priority, more like a balance. While Nintendo was trying to get multiplat and 3rd party support to get the PC games. The Wii U is far closer to having an arcade evolution type experience then consoles like the PS3/360 and Xbox since the Wii U offered a gamepad to create new simple arcade type experience with its touch functionality and other features, as Nintendo prioritized simple arcade fun over PC games and a game like Nintendo Land shows that. The PS3/360 and Xbox weren't really aiming to be arcade evolution (Outside the Kinect & PS Move, but those are add-on and the system originally wasn't made with those add-ons in mind). If the Wii U was PC Priority, the Wii U would've been far more powerful to be able to gain more 3rd Party Support to get the PC games primarily on Xbox One and PS4.