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Nintendo is a hot girl who knows she's hot. Sure we love her for it, but dammit sometimes it gets frustrating.

But my only real gripes with the Switch though are:
- they never bothered to actually fix joycon drift
- 3D All Stars very obviously should have included Galaxy 2 and it makes no sense that it didn't
- online play could be better and they need to add N64, GB, and GBA to Switch Online but they just haven't bothered to do this
- Wii U ports and some remakes clearly shouldn't be at full price or at least should be discounted after a bit when their sales go down
- ... also give me ports of Wii Sports Club, Metroid Prime Trilogy, and a Zelda collection already dammit!! :)

But most of the pissed off people are just people who like to complain on the internet. Even if some of their complaints are legit, no company is gonna do everything perfectly. And it's not like cuz people complain about one game it means they aren't going to buy other games they want.