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Seems like the TL:DR version of this is that the distractionary tactic in question is to make games that people want to buy?

I'm really not sure why this is being presented as something nefarious or underhanded, or some flaw in their customers.

If I think I'm going to get 60 dollars worth of enjoyment out of Monster Hunter Rise, then I'll buy Monster Hunter Rise. I'm not sure why what they're doing with Mario All Stars should factor into that decision at all. I think it's a dumb decision, but not a "ok now I won't buy anything from you ever again" decision.

If you don't think Sword and Shield is worth buying without all of the Pokemon, then you shouldn't buy it. And if Pokemon Arceus looks like it is worth it to you, then you should buy that. It's not being fickle it's spending my money in a way I think will lead to enjoyment.

It's like if I go to a restaurant, and the chicken is disgusting, but the steak is delicious. Doesn't mean I'm going to boycott the restaurant out of spite, I'm just going to stick to ordering the steak. Again, not fickle, just a matter of spending my money on things I like. Maybe the restaurant could do something so immoral that I would refuse to patronize them at all, but short of that, there's no reason for me to deny myself some delicious steak out of principle.

So, yeah. Companies are going to do good stuff and bad. Support the good, don't support the bad. That's all.

Last edited by JWeinCom - on 29 March 2021