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People do get bored and want something different. If you look at Nintendo, that has been their strategy, something new, even if I'd prefer what they used to be in the Gamecube era. Personally just want a Switch Pro controller with better triggers included with an RTX 3060 for $350 and call it a day. Thank you Nintendo.

So there are a lot of PS gamers that might be a bit bored with the PS5, the controllers still haven't improved much (I hope Matty on Youtube sticks to Xbox over PS, much easier on the arms, I have chronic RSI also), the design is too big and blocky, and the same style of games won't cut it, they need something new. I know A LOT of people with PS4 that are not even interested in the PS5, though some of that can be aging. The PS5 just has to keep the younger demographic, but 3 of my friends that own a PS4 won't buy one.

It really depends on where you live. Everyone here buys Xbox.