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Otter said:
kopstudent89 said:

Sony in europe is a force to reckon with. Literally no appealing software but it sells bucket loads

You really think in the country where COD/Fifa/GTAV dominates every end of year chart find PS5's software unappealing? Its had every major 3rd party release of the last 6months bar Cyberpunk. Lack of software presence is due to the install base combined with the Switch's current peak dominating the top 10.

There is not a major reason to purchase a PS5 is what I meant. All the games on it are currently found on the PS4. Is the experience enhanced on the PS5? Yes absolutely but I don't think that is what is driving up demand. I think the reason why PS5 is selling so well is a combination of an increased appetite for gaming due to COVID and the belief that the system will bring next gen experiences in the future, which it will obviously do.

I just think Sony, and especially in Europe, has always been able to generate demand without major exclusive releases (at least since the PS2) as opposed to Microsoft and Nintendo. There's just a bit more belief that Sony will get the games there. It's absolutely no criticism to the console, the PS has that mojo that the others do not.