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mjk45 said:
JWeinCom said:

Interesting. You learn something new everyday. I wouldn't think cassettes would lend themselves to that. Didn't think they could access a particular part of the game as needed. But I guess it does work.

In my youth I purchased a second hand C64 it came with around 300 games and a disc drive but also a tape drive with a number of tapes,since the tapes had some games not on my discs I tried the tape drive, it took around ten minutes to load a game into the 64K memory the vast majority games loaded fully into memory. some worked in a similar way to future games with multiple discs,where the game stopped and you manually loaded another tape went and had a bath  made a cup of coffee walked the dog and then continued the game, asset loading came much later mainly due to HD's

Never had the tape drive, but my friend had one... I hated it for being so slow.

My 1571 floppy drive was much faster, especially in combination with my fast loader cartridge "Final Cartridge III":