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I enjoyed this version more than the original 2017 version.  Is it perfect?  No, definitely not.  Is it enjoyable?  Definitely yes.  I'd probably give it a 6/10 (or 3/5 stars), which means it's good, but not great, and good enough to get a "fresh" rating from me.

One thing I found interesting is that a lot of things from the original movie were removed.  I'd estimate that this 4-hour movie only had about an hour or so of footage from the original movie.  The other 3 hours were "new" stuff.  Also, it should be clear that almost all of the "new" stuff was actually filmed before 2017.  Ben Affleck looks thinner in the credits scenes than he does for the main part of the movie.  That's because the credits scenes actually are new footage, but the whole main part of the movie is old footage. 

The original Zack Snyder movie and the 2017 movie were very different takes on the Justice League.  The Zack Snyder version is also clearly better.  The 2017 version is not only shorter, but it's just plain different (and worse).  I really have to ask, "what were they thinking"?  Now, I also never would have released a 4-hour movie in the theatres, but this movie has some obvious places where it could be edited.  I think if they really tried they could have gotten this down to a 3-hour movie and still told the same story.

Last edited by The_Liquid_Laser - on 21 March 2021