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Is not perfect but a lot better than the 2017 version.
I really like the serious and pessimistic tone of the movie, and the new soundtrack is fantastic.
This movie has a coherent plot now and the characters are very well developed.
Ben Affleck is a very good mature Batman , still looks too bulky in suit ,but his version of Bruce Wayne is excellent.
Gal Gadot : The same charisma and energy from the original Wonder Woman movie but in a more mature woman now.
Jason Momoa : Bitter and lonely, just like the beguinning of Aquaman, the extra escenes with Mera and Vulko make his story and conflict more understable for the viewer.
Ezra Miller: Still the comic relief but less gringy, his introduction in the movie is really well done. Now is a young super hero, but no useless and estupid like the 2017 version.
Ray Fisher: The highlight of the movie in characterization , his back story is complete now, his conflict is evident and his relationship with his father is very well done.
Jeremy irons: A better Alfred with more pushy comments and interactions with Batman.
Ciaran Hinds: Steppenwolf is more menacing in this version (Looks better too) and his intentions and motivations are very clear now. Not a fantastic villain, but a solid one.
Connie Nielsen: Excelent queen Hipolita . The escenes with the amazons are a highlight of the movie.

In a cinema quality ranking i give this movie a 7.5 of 10
My personal ranking as a DC fan 9 of 10

Sorry for my bad english.
This is just my humble opinion.