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Hi guys! Well, as some of you guys already know, (but since I don't talk too much, others might don't know) I live in Brazil. I'm a gamer since my early childhood. I own a SNES (RIP), a NES Clone (RIP), A Playstation 2 and a 2DS.

But in the last years I became a PC gamer. I love playing on my computer, I have a Steam account where I buy my games.

Well, it's been quite some time since I'm planning to upgrade my Specs, but well, other things from life stands on my way. I'm not complaining, because I'm still fine with my Geforce GT 730. Yeah, that's my graphic card.

So, let's see... Here in Brazil, the current minimum wage is R$ 1.100. The President already raised it this year.

I was searching for some PC components at some popular sites, and... Look at this.

Yeah, a GTX750 Ti 2GB costs a salary. And that's not even close to being a very strong GPU.

Want a RTX Ready Graphic card?

Guys, that... I know, it looks funny, but it's something that we, brazilian gamers, had to deal with since a long time ago!

Look at that!

I'm not making this post to complain or draw attention, I just want to share how hard it is to be a gamer in my country. Even it being a big market for videogames.

Thanks for your patience.