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I get what you're saying. The fact that the Nomad flopped whereas the Switch most certainly succeeded can probably be spun into a number of narratives.

Did the Nomad fail because

  • Sega had already moved on from the Genesis? (Absolutely)
  • A general lack of 16-bit game development? (Probably, since the Nomad was awkwardly stuck between the 32+ bit future and the 8 bit handheld markets)
  • The price was too high? (I doubt it, since the Nomad only cost $180, which is less than the Switch was in 2017 even adjusted for inflation)
  • The technology wasn't there yet? (Based on that 30 minutes per battery performance, yeah.)
  • The Game Boy renaissance brought by Pokemon? (Probably didn't help)
  • It was an American exclusive? (Why was it never brought to other countries with strong Genesis fandoms?)

Love and tolerate.