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aikohualda said:
Lonely_Dolphin said:

While competition can encourage one to improve, it isn't necessary. That Pokemon is where it's at now is entirely on them. Plus even if Tem Tem did get as big as Pokemon, as long as Pokemon remains big they still have no reason to change.

Sw/Sh is selling as great as any Pokemon game, doubtless kids make up a big chunk of players. I think they and their parents care more about brand recognition than the quality/value of the product.

no doubt Sw/Sh is selling well but i doubt kids is a bigger chunk of it compare to let say gen 3.  Most of the people i know including my self who bought Sw/Sh are on their 20s or 30s... my friend's kids however dont care about pokemon other than the tv show and cards... but yeah i hope GF would get it together and i still would want a competition for it.  

Damn i thought this thread was new and the "temtem pokemon killer game" was a new thing, as other said over the previous year it's a really LOL moment specially with the name temtem, i have a few observations to make about the "competition" to pokemon:

* Some of us played and enjoyed Pokemon media during its first stages like: First seasons of pokemon up to orange islands arc where Ash gained a cup the purists of the game wouldn't count as a true achievement, despite being one of his best battles, some of us kinda watched up to Jotho league but after losing again despite his good performance, and the constant "let's restart from zero every new aventure" made us stop watching the anime, same for the games we played pokemon stadium 1,2 and the gameboy red,blue,yellow, gold and silver games, but after the migration to GBA with saphire, ruby a lot of us ditched pokemon games for good.

* Despite a lot of us leaving pokemon after gold/silver and pokemon stadium 2, there were still TONS of people that continued playing the next entries, saphire/ruby and the fire red/green leaf were really popular with the dudes at my high school.

* aikohualda said that there are a lot of guys in their 20's and 30's that's correct my high school classmates are a numerous group that past their 30's still keep playing pokemon and even make tournaments.

* BUT, there are kids that learn from their parents or in their own to like and love pokemon, another case from my nephew that isn't even 10 years old:

   - he plays switch because his father bought him one, started more on kirby, smash and yoshi, but after watching the cartoons in netflix he loved the first seasons of pokemon, but also enjoyed more the season of pokemon xyz despite ash losing again in the end just because.

   - also by watching netflix he also became a fan of yokai watch, he has got presents for christmas or his birthday toys of yokai watch, he has also got pokemon games for the switch while he has to get a single yokai watch game, goes to show that liking a "pokemon competitor" doesn't automatically make you abandon pokemon, just as 20 years ago liking digimon wasn't exclusive over liking pokemon since the themes and media were substantially different.

   -my nephew was introduced to minecraft sometime ago by his cousins so he now got minecraft for switch, but "in exchange", his cousins went on to get switches and also buy pokemon and other nintendo related games.

So to summirize it a bit, there has been this narrative since pokemon first originated about another media and videogame franchises "taking the throne" and burying pokemon for good, what a lot of the dudes that keep thinking that don't get is that sometimes you have enough time to spend in your hobbies to like several media franchises, the guys as my high-school had mostly moved to playstation 1 and 2 for home consoles, but despite this  they played pokemon and a lot of other GB/GBA/GBA SP games, and we even got to rent some xbox time at netcafes to play Halo, Ninja Gaiden and see what was all the fuss about DOAXBV.

I used to bought the magazines called "N64" and "PlayStation", there was this number of the PlayStation where the cover had the protagonists from Digimon Anime and in big letters: "we present you the game that will make pokemon tremble in fear", and a lot of us were like Seriously?, how the editor of the magazine went with such stupid decision just for the sake of "the competition", for starters Pokemon and Digimon animes were completely different about different things, the only thing in common is that they both had "monsters", i went and got the digimon game for the PS, it was all bullshit it didn't even have much to do with the Digimon Anime and it had some strange mechanics, so in the end we liked Pokemon games for sometime, pokemon anime for sometime, the Digimon Anime mostly but not the digimon games in general. 

As a additional note, the dudes that gathered to play videogames in my high school were also into Trading Card Games, and enjoyed playing lots of them withouth even thinking about competition between brands, some they played were Yu-gi-oh, Magic The Gathering, Pokemon TCG, Mitos y Leyendas, Neopets? and a lot of other things i don' even remember.

We will see how well temtem tamer(hahaha) and now the one that is a 2D one "Coromon" make it to dethrone pokemon.