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The COVID situation is unprecedented once in a life time event that's thrown all gaming trends for a loop.

You can find like Switch Lite reasonably easily, but any other piece of gaming hardware that isn't the ancient PS4/XB1 is practically constantly sold out.

PS5? Sold out. XBox Series X? Sold out. Switch, generally sold out though not as supply constrained for the base model. XBox Series X has a wishy washy launch lineup, doesn't matter, sold out. Nintendo's gone almost a full calendar year with a fairly mediocre lineup post Animal Crossing (a farmed out Musou game as their big holiday 2020 title, a few Wii U ports, a collection of older Mario games, and one new major release for an entire 12 months -- a Paper Mario game, which is a B-tier franchise). Still no problems selling. Not even just game consoles, the Nvidia 30 series graphics cards that are very expensive are sold out constantly and now there's reports that those shortages will last until well into Q3, lol.

Trying to build a gaming PC with modern parts is a giant headache because the new GPUs especially are constantly sold out. Even the ones that are mega pricey. 

We're still living in a world where a lot of people are working from home, not going out, not travelling for holidays, no movie theaters, not many new movies, spectators are still largely not allowed in to sporting events ... entertainment options are still very limited out there for a lot of people, gaming is seeing a continued boost. A TV show can be binged in a couple of days, but video games are a medium where you can invest weeks into a single game to entertain yourself with, it's a medium uniquely positioned to take advantage of a pandemic like this. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 16 March 2021