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Holy shit this is such a poorly worded and grossly biased quiz.

"If an unwed teen becomes pregnant, abortion may be a responsible choice."

If anyone becomes pregnant, abortion may be a responsible choice. why should it be specified only teens and/or unwed people? The fuck sort of test is this shit?

"International trade agreements should require environmental protections and workers' rights. (meaning: no free trade with countries that lack pollution controls or labor protections)"

First part makes sense. Second part is an addendum that may or may not completely change the meaning/significance of the question (A lot of questions are phrased like this, where they start with a reasonable premise then go off the rails with the qualifier)

"Economic competition results in inumerable innovations that improve all of our lives."

What a leading question. Like, In theory, sure. In reality, hell to the fuck no. If I wasn't going into this with a skeptical, critical eye I'd be like 'hells yes!' but actually understanding everything that's happened in the last...all my years on this earth, it's clear that the answer to this - not an opinion - is an absolutely irrefutable no. Strongly disagree. 

"It is not our place to condemn other cultures as backwards or barbaric."

It's really circumstantial. For the most part, naw. Stay out of that shit. but sometimes...yeah, shit's barbaric. There is no one size fits all answer. It just sounds like a c atch-all for all circumstances. 

"Unrestrained capitalism cannot last, as wealth and power will concentrate to a small elite."

Again, this isn't an opinion, we've seen it happen literally throughout history, in every country, through every time period. This is an irrefutable fact. So I guess your political alignment is based on your willingness to accept facts? 

"It is a problem when young people display a lack of respect for authority."

Again, why do you need a qualifier for it to be young people? Why is there no further context to the situation? Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. Sometimes it's necessary, and sometimes a person's age should have no bearing on whether or not their fight is justified or their rebellion violent.

"A person's morality is of the most personal nature; therefore government should have no involvement in moral questions or promote moral behaviors."

Like, Moral opinions, sure. Moral behaviours? Dude, there's so much that NEEDS to be done about shit in general. This is such a poorly worded and biased quiz.

Last edited by Runa216 - on 14 March 2021

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