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The_Liquid_Laser said:

My favorite is Aerith (or Aeris).

I never liked her as much as a kid (I was a teenager when FFVII came out and boobs spoke to me; thanks Tifa), but with maturity and the remake coming out I definitely see Aerith as the stronger of the three female heroes in that game. She appears weak and helpless but she is quite capable and has the weight of the world on her shoulders and never really lets it get to her. The turks are chasing her, she's the last of her kind...etc etc...but she's always so happy and chipper! She's motherly without being pandering. she's strong without needing to be masculine. She's everything a powerful female protagonist needs to be and now that I'm older I totally get it. 

Hynad said:

Is it a "post the female characters you like" thread, or is it really about strong female protagonists?

And by strong, is it just about the character being the one you control, a side character that has many events revolving around her, or her having truly strong personality attributes?

Because based on some of the characters mentioned here, I am not too sure.

It can be both. I mean, I haven't seen anyone in this thread so far that wasn't strong or appropriately powerful. Strength comes in many forms, not just masculine-style buffness and aggression. 

As an aside, I gotta say I'm eager to see how Rivet comes out as a hero in Rift Apart (Name is not confirmed but I think it's pretty obvious given their hint). 

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