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Dulfite said:

Goombella - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Great choices by everyone, more than Toadette which has always been a fan favorite of the Mario fans, i also feel that Nintedo has underutilized the characters from their paper series and specifically Goombella, she is a great character smart, sassy, sarcastic, pretty funny overall and is with you since the beginning of the game and narrates the epilogue.

Thinking of more, I don't remember all the details since I played it more than 20 years ago, but the girls from Wing Commander series were also very competent, strong, cappable both as commanding officers and as skilled pilots, whether as wingmen or leaders of squadron in combat, some of them like Captain and later Colonel Jeannette Devereaux "Angel" and Tanaka "Spirit" Mariko were at times even more memorable that "the protagonist" at least that's what i remember from the the games.