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Let's chat about gastronomy in this topic.

Here in Brazil most of us eat rice and beans everyday, with some meat, salad, or even a fried egg. This is what I eat on a daily routine. However, sometimes I skip the beans. I like to put some ramen with the rice occasionaly. Also, I am a bit sick of eggs (Maybe I ate it too much in my childhood?).

We have a strong italian culture where I live, so it's pretty common for people to eat pasta. I like a good spaghetti on a weekend. Pizza is pretty popular here too, you see it a lot in restaurants and supermarkets. I like pizza, but depends on the flavor, some of them are quite salty.

Now, if there's something that I absolutely refuse to eat, it's tripe. I know, it's even considered a healthy food, but I just can't stand it. My parents cook it sometimes, in fact, they like it. But come on, you're not supposed to eat such a thing.

Now, what do you like to eat?