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SKMBlake said:
Elputoxd said:

You literally made that up. They have never shared the losses or profit of anything

Edit: just checked Microsoft's 2014 financials and they had Consumer Devices and Hardware at a 411 million profit.

That is all their consumer hardware, including Nokia phones (at the time), PCs, laptops and Xbox consoles. I was pointing out that segment was profitable and most of it was probably Xbox hardware. But that is simply hardware, nothing else. They never shared the profit of the Xbox division. Hardware sales is a relatively small part of Xbox now and it was at that time too.

And even then, you said their financials until 2014 showed Xbox was not profitable and the only segment related to Xbox shows a 411 million profit and Forbes estimated Xbox profit at 2.1 billion that same year, which seems in line...

Last edited by Elputoxd - on 04 March 2021