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Elputoxd said:

If the executives at Microsoft say Xbox is profitable I believe they are saying the truth because you can't just make that up if it's not true as you might be accused of misleading investors. And Xbox was never included in another division, it's always been in the same one.

Yeah but he said (and we know how much uncle Phil likes to make great announcements which have huge terms and conditions under them) "Xbox is a profitable business today"

And today, Xbox is reported as "Xbox content and services", so that includes several Xbox related stuff.

When you look at their report:

That's the most opaque report I've ever read (and my job is to work in this kind of business). They do have the figures, but they just don't disclose them. Nintendo lost billions during the Wii U era, and they reported every single penny of loss, and so did Sony during the PS3 era.

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