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If this included movies, there were times where I could easily spam this with a new one every day. Some rare days, two or even three if I was in the mood. Now, however, it's been two fuckingwhole months since the last film I watched, and I really hate it.

But... I want to start watching a short anime, Paranoia Agent (Satoshi Kon), later this week. I hope I can gain some traction after that again, with better conditions.

Apart from this, the last show I watched was Eden (Dominik Moll) and it was... decent. It does well as a portrayal of reality, but there are a couple of subplots that (to me) just feel unnecessary and only serve to water down the main ones. This show has only six parts, but I think they could've summarized it in only three or four and it would've been much better: stronger and straight to the point.

I'm mostly a lurker now.