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Dante9 said:
farlaff said:

Didn't love the first movies (but did not hate them, so...).

Spider-man is the best Super Hero ever. Period.

My childhood most recurrent fantasy and role model.

The 2002 movie is simply awesome and the second is probably the best hero flick ever (maybe along with Batman Returns).

Then comes the MCU and transforms the Friendly Neighborhood into a weird Iron Man sidekick/fanboy and that's simply absurd. Unacceptable. Incompatible with the importance of the character. Even if the movies per se are not all bad.

So, not hyped for this, but the fact both Molina and Tobey are joining the brawl gets me at least a bit curious.

I think the Iron Spider thing was a nice tie-in with the larger MCU. It doesn't take away from Spidey as a character in his own right.

I'm hyped for this new flick as well, although I think they dropped the ball a little at the end of the last one by revealing Spidey's identity to everyone. What the hell was that and how is that going to serve the story and the character going forward? I guess we'll see, but I think it was a mistake.

Nice to see people enjoyed the relation with Iron Man, even if I didn't. :)

As for the identity, yeah, agreed. Those very limiting cliff hangers are so boring and can lead to frustrating outcomes (Last Jedi, anyone?) unless the script is already written and cohesively ready for the start of the filming process.