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Cobretti2 said:
curl-6 said:

Only one, a non-verbal man named Tim who communicates by typing. He's of the general opinion that Autistic roles in film and television should be played by Autistic actors. I know a few others on the more extreme end of the spectrum but they can't really communicate something as complex as an opinion on representation in the media.

That is pretty cool that he can communicate in some way. 

My young nephew can't communicate, so hopefully he has some hope when he gets older by learning some form of communicating. When he saw the video I suspected that he would get a sensory overload with all the flickering in the clip and that is what happened so not sure how this clip is meant to make people feel better. 

Yeah Tim was thought to be incapable of communication until he was like 12 years old when they realized he could type his thoughts. He's now a published writer.

And yeah a common complaint I've heard is that the music clips in the film are actually very Autism-unfriendly with their sensory overload of colours, lights, movement, etc.

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