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Dulfite said:

One of the first things I learned being a special education teacher (when I was one a couple years ago), one of the first things I learned in college for the degree, is that you NEVER, EVER place disability before the word "people." It is incredibly insulting. They are not autistic people. They are people (just like you and me) that happen to have autism. When you say Autistic person, or Downs Syndrome Person, or Traumatic Brain Injured Person, or ED Person, you are (whether you know it or not) indicating that these people are not the same as other people, that they are segregated from others with what we deem "normal" abilities. I know that their is a lot of ignorance out there, and those doing it ignorantly can't be blamed, but please change the OP title.

As for the video, I don't know the context. If it is someone with autism sharing what their experience is like in musical form, then I applaud their efforts here! If it is someone trying to make fun of people with autism, I have no words...

As an autistic person I don't see it as insulting. I am by definition not the same as other people since I have a disorder that makes me different from people who don't have it so it seems fine to me to categorize in that way. The whole don't put the disability before the person thing just seems like an overly PC gesture and I find gestures like that insulting personally.