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SvennoJ said:
Dulfite said:

I have mixed feelings. I love God's creation and being able to witness, via video and clear images, what it looks like up close. I also know how many billions of dollars went into this and think about people starving and suffering and feel compassionate for them. Then I think about the ocean and how little we've explored it and it's much closer and cheaper to access than space, let alone Mars, but then part of me is like forget Mars, I wanna see Venus! Mixed feelings lol.

Think of it this way: Many many more billions of dollars went into killing people. What little billions is flying up to Mars and back was not spend on killing people. Besides that, Nasa spend 2.7 Billion on the mars mission, MS just spend 7.5 billion on a games publisher...

Your first point makes sense to me. The second one... well let's just say my mind distinguishes between a financial investment that will be returned via profits and the Mars situation, where they won't really earn that money back. Plus, I don't expect businesses to spend money on helping people, but I do expect taxpaying money to be used to benefit taxpayers and thos in critical need.