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Agente42 said:
Kakadu18 said:

The director of BotW, Hidemaro Fujibayashi was also the director of Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, Four Swords, The Minish Cap and Skyward Sword and subdirector of Phantom Houtglass, many of those puzzle focused Zelda games that you don't like. 

Don't put all the blame for the series changing to something you don't like on one guy. Puzzles have been a big part of Zelda games even before Aonuma started to work on them.

The change of direction came with Aonuma on the production. It's crystal clear in Majora Mask. The idea of the Botw, with The first Zelda function like a canvas for the modern game came with Fujibayashi. Aonuma is not a fan the First Legend of Zelda, he never finished. It's a fact. 

Well that's something I share with him. On the other hand BotW is my absolute favorite. Weird huh.