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AngryLittleAlchemist said:

If Aknosom is actually as competent as this early footage shows (which honesty might not be the case), he actually looks like he could be a memorable challenge in the early game, which is nice. Again I hated how World kind of spoiled it's good monster designs by making the fights dreadfully easy.

This new spider gameplay is really awesome. Not only using it's hatchlings as wirebugs but also having flamethrows *on the side* shows that this might end up being a pretty high tier newcomer, not just a somewhat annoying fight. Looks amazing!

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
curl-6 said:

They said in an interview that gear will require less materials to upgrade this time around to speed up the pace of getting new stuff.

Personally, the thing I'm most looking forward to is trying out new weapons I never really played like the Insect Glaive, Charge Blade, Bow, and Gunlance, as well as the Wirebug and Palamutes.

Also I freaking love the new mud dragon and the yeti bear, they're my favourites of the newcomers so far.

So how many of you are newcomers vs veterans, and for the latter what MH games got you started?

By yeti bear you mean Goss Harag, right? Because Lagombi is also *kind of* a Yeti Bear (a bit more marsupial like, but the "bear trio" is basically a bear and other animals mixed - stuff like Azuros and Volvidon for example), and Lagombi isn't new to Rise. 

But yea, assuming you mean Goss Harag, I FUCKING LOVE HIM too! 

This is something that was posted on Reddit. It's all the newcomers. Honestly, I love the designs of all of them now (except the monkey, he's just ok). It took me a while to come to Somnacanth and Magnamalo. Magnamalo I always was 50/50 on but seeing him in action his design is really complemented by the fact that he uses the Zinogre skeleton. Somnacanth is a monster where one small detail - his eyes - were bothering me originally. I wished his eyes were bigger to create a mixture of weirdness and creepiness, but also cuteness, which is something I really like from Monster Hunter, that contrast of feelings in relation to its monsters. As it stands, he's kind of just a creepy weirdo, but once again seeing him in action sold me on this concept. Especially when I noticed the claws, I like how they are like disturbing sloth claws. 

But I FUCKING LOVE Goss Harag, Almudron, and Rakna-Kadaki (the spider).

Yea to answer Curl's question, i'm intermediate with my experience with the franchise. I put a lot of time into 4U, but that was between separate saves, so I got pretty far in the story but didn't beat it and thus a lot of the harder monsters I never experienced. World I beat the singleplayer but not the "true ending". Generations I played a decent amount of but never got much into. 

So I'd say i'm in the middle. This is the first one I plan to just put a shit ton of time into one save and experience the 'true' ending of these games (which is the Elder dragon stuff). 

Also I'd play with you but I don't have a Wii U anymore, and have never owned a copy of 3U :/ 

Yeah it was Goss Harag I meant. I like all the new monsters so far but him and Almudron are the highlights to me, can't wait to fight them.

My Monster Hunter backstory is that I got hooked with Monster Hunter Tri on Wii and sank well over a thousand hours into it, bought a 3DS for MH4U and spent several hundred hours beating it but felt a little burned out on the series afterwards, and now more than five years later I finally feel ready to jump back in.