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burninmylight said:

So I'm about 1200 hours deep into MH4U, and outside of a fling with Breath of the Wild that lasted a couple of months last year, it's the only game I've consistently played in the past year and a half.

I obviously enjoy it, but there is a humongous aspect of Monster Hunter games I do not enjoy, and if it's still a thing in Rise, then you can count me out until the inevitable deep discount about a year after launch.

You want to know how I can pour 1200 hours into one game and STILL only be roughly 2/3rds into it's content? BS like this:

Killing the same monster OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER just to try to get that one blasted item to finish creating a weapon or armor set, then doing it again just to do it for the weapon or armor set, then again later on when you want to upgrade the weapon, then again when you get to High Rank, then again in G Rank. And if you use multiple weapons, then you have my prayers. Oh, and if you're a bow user like me, then you're even more screwed because you can't cut tails (although I hear that there is a special bow in MH World that gets around this, so hopefully this problem is fixed in MHR).

I also hear that MHW changed the weapon and armor creation system, so I'm eager to find out if these changes are coming to Rise, or if Capcom is going back to the traditional system. If it's the latter and I have to kill 46 Rathians before I finally luck out on a Ruby, then you guys can enjoy the game without me for a while.  I have literally hundreds of other games I own that I haven't even booted up yet because my OCD and lifestyle only lets me play one or two games at a time, and play them slowly. I'm not moving from one Monster Hunter to the next just to be subjected to the same bullshit.

I'd like to see Capcom retool the subquest system to reward actual skill as opposed to everything being random dumb luck. "Kill Deviljho in 15 minutes" = 50 percent chance of  a Deviljho Gem, 10 minutes = 75 percent. "Slay Dalamadur without healing during quest" =  strong chance of getting Skyblade Gem. Reward players for getting good at the game instead of rewarding random players that happened to be blessed by the RNG. Nothing is more frustrating than finishing a quest and having someone you're playing with telling you they got a Rath Ruby or Brach Gem he or she didn't even need, meanwhile you're wondering if your copy of the game is glitched or something because you've fought the thing 33 times in a row.

Rant over, thanks for letting me cry in your lap.

They already confirmed that the armor skill system is basically World's, so the crafting system probably is too. In fact an interview already said they'd make crafting easier, but that is apparently possibly a mistranslation (?). 

The streamlining to the crafting system from what I understand though started as soon as Generations, and I only say "from what I understand" because I honestly don't remember personally, but in that game apparently the crafting system is based on rarity level not just a specific monster. So for example you can upgrade or create armor just by having enough types of a rarity (level 1 rarity, level  2 rarity, etc) regardless of the monster. The wording on the description makes it a bit confusing if this is true for weapons too, though, doesn't seem to be the case but weapons were never really a problem for me.