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Stuart23 said:
mjk45 said:

I'm not sure that losing money on a console is greed, now if they had profited at the early price point yes, you can make was a case for overconfident though.

If you are confused about that PS3 example,I was talking about how the massive hit of the PS2 made Sony do a lot of stupid stuff during the development and launch of the PS3, by assuming the consumers and third parties would just support the console by default.

 Yes but like I said that's not greed, over expectation yes and even that was somewhat understandable at the time, lead by Ken Kutaragi who was coming off   having helped engineer 2 of the all time most successful consoles with the PS2 being the most successful console of all, also the Cell wasn't custom made for the   PS3 alone, it was a Sony joint product with Toshiba and IBM and was planned to be integrated into a range of different devices from computer arrays through   to   smart appliances and thus bring down the costs quite considerably, these actions and the outcomes that sprang from them are to blame for the PS3 price rather     than excessive greed above the usual level found in corporate life.

Last edited by mjk45 - on 18 February 2021

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