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I mean, yes we hear this criticism all the time and I would respect those who felt this way if they don't buy the software at full price. Tons of businesses get away with charging high prices for their goods and services because their customer base refuses to tell them no. This is the same thing that happens to the Pokémon fanbase. They lose their minds over something...and proceed to buy it anyways. Like, how does that send your message to anyone? The same with Link's Awakening, Mario 3D All-Stars, etc. The market believes that the software is worth the price and they're buying it.

I understand people who have this argument mean well and I understand their sentiments, but often times they are the same people who buy said overpriced software, play it to death, and still complain about the price. In terms of being "Lazy"...that's not something any of us can really claim as we don't work on any of their titles or know how much time they've allotted for certain titles to be brought to market.

Overall, it's impossible to figure out Nintendo. Sometimes they do perfectly sensible things, other times they don't. I just find it's not worth beating this dead horse anymore.
If they releases something I feel is overpriced, I will wait for a price drop, sale, Black Friday, etc. And yes, I think Skyward Sword HD as it is presented now is not worth $60.