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Nintendo are the principle of quality over quantity, they are the Disney in the movie industry, the Mercedes in the car industry. They have always been that way. They ensure everyone has the best experience possible as long as you pay your way. A greedy Nintendo is still miles better than a greedy Sony and Microsoft. Examples have shown in the past that regardless how greedy Nintendo is with their software, they have always and consistently released affordable and well built products. Sony and MS have shown their true colors too many times and have paid the price for it. Nintendo tends to bring gamers and none gamers into the industry with affordable and innovative products with software that leads by example. Its not always about the visuals or the tech of the game that makes a Nintendo game expensive, its expensive because of the quality control and polish they bring to the table.

They can have a little mercy with 3rd party game prices however that's all up to 3rd party companies not Nintendo. As for their own games, well they aren't overpriced, they could be cheaper however they are sold at regular price which is the standard. Sony are talking about raising their game prices to $70 and MS had to back pedal their Subscription prices as they tried to raise them for no apparent reason. Nintendo just sell their games at the average price. 

Last edited by Azzanation - on 18 February 2021