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brute said:

I don't know if Nintendo is struggling too hard with COVID but they are becoming too greedy and lazy.

The game that made me create this topic is Skyward Sword HD.

While Ive been wanting a remake/remaster for a while now, never would I have imagined that it would be a straight port with just a resolution upgrade and an extra control option? Nintendo seemingly assumes that's enough to warrant a $60 price tag. $10.00 more than the Wii version at time of release.

When Nintendos backs were against the wall they put in real effort on the Wii U and 3DS remakes/remasters. But doesnt seem to be the case for this one

At least for the other ports/remasters/remakes they put in some decent effort or included all DLC in the package.

MK8D? All DLC plus battle mode.


Pikmin 3? All DLC

Super Mario 3D World? Bowsers Fury addition as it had no DLC

Links Awakening was a full blown remake of a GameBoy game.

3D All stars seemed to not warrant the $60.00 price tag but at least that was 3 games.

Skyward Sword doesnt seem like any different of a game. I may pass and wait to get this on sale during the holidays (like Links Awakening) or try to get used. Sad fact is most people will buy this at full price and I cant blame them as they wont have any other way of playing the game.

It'll just make Nintendo feel they made the right business decision to price at $60 without any real effort.

Lastly, maybe Nintendo will prove me wrong and announce extra content for the game before release.

In my opinion, neither Link’s Awakening or Pikmin are worth anywhere near their price; that’s why I purchased neither. You, on the other hand, seem to have been duped into thinking they are worth the price of purchase - the truth is the price they’re worth is significantly less. You’re only tricking yourself if you think they’re worth more just because one came with its DLC and the other had a facelift - the final product is still of a substantially lower value than that of Skyward Sword or (more importantly) the asking price of purchase.


Maybe this is the wrong way to look at pricing commodified luxury goods!

In all seriousness this has little to do with greed or laziness. Commodified luxuries aren’t priced based on some intrinsic value, but rather (in the most basic form) on a demand based calculation derived by estimates on which (volume + price) = highest profits. If, hypothetically, Nintendo estimates they’ll sell 1.3 million units at 30 USD, but then 1.25 million at 60 USD, but only 400K at 70 USD, you can call it lazy or greedy from the top of the your pulpit all day and night, it won’t make it true nor change the fact that any other price point than ~60 USD would be foolish.

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