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KLXVER said:

Maybe if millions of people didnt buy the ports, they would change their ways. The biggest problem with the Mario 3D Collection for people seems to be that they cant buy it for 60 bucks after March 31st...

The problem with Nintendo consoles userbase is they prefer pay 60 USD for games they have already bought 5 times than pay 60 USD in a game from a new franchise like Arms or Astral Chain. 

I know game industry relies a lot in familiarity and big and famous IPs, but on Nintendo systems this is in a whole other level

I'm not saying a game like Arms is better than Mario Galaxy, but we can't expect a new IP to be perfect on its first game and of we don't support those new IPs then we are saying that's not reason to release new IPs, they'd better release safe ports again and again. Low cost, maximum profit