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From the moment Hellblade II was announced, I was like, "welp, guess I'm buying a Series X" since I loved the first game so much, plus I'd get to play Halo Infinite and any other 9th gen games I end up wanting, (RE8 looks pretty awesome) as well as 8th gen games I missed out on like RE7.

Here's my problem though; what if most of these games just end up releasing on Switch's successor a few years down the line? Should I just wait for that and save myself spending hundreds of dollars on a system I may not need?

For example, if I ended up caving and buying a PS4/Xbone in 2016 or so, I'd feel pretty annoyed now as pretty much all the games I wanted to play ended up coming to Switch; Doom 2016/Eternal, Hellblade, Witcher 3, Crash 4, etc. So I ended up not needing a PS4/Xbone at all and getting one would've been a waste of hard-earned cash.

It's pretty safe to assume the likes of RE7/8 will come to Switch's successor, and with a lot of MS exclusives having made their way to Switch in the past few years, there seems a reasonable chance Hellblade II might follow suit. And with no shortage of Switch software to keep me going in the mean time, maybe I should skip Series X and wait. I can't make up my mind.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 16 February 2021

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