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RolStoppable said:

I don't remember the last time when a Direct was setting wrong expectations among people with working reading comprehension, so when it's stated that the focus will be on SSBU and games released during the first half of 2021, then that's what the lion share of the Direct will definitely be about.

Hi, my teacher says I am functionally illiterate. Should I expect this Nintendo Direct to talk in-depth about Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, Breath of the Wild 2, the new Earthbound game, and the Switch Pro, and is it safe to assume that anything that doesn't show up at this Direct will never exist and that Nintendo ran over my dog?

Ultrashroomz said:

If they don't announce GameCube games for the Wii U, I'm throwing my Switch in the ocean, and boycotting Nintendo forever.

Electronic devices are assembled with many chemicals and metals that are actively harmful to our oceans and wildlife. Please consider eating your Switch instead. Perhaps with some light barbecue sauce to minimize the metallic flavor.