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South Korea joins "Euroland" in excluding elderly from AstraZeneca vaccination.

Sweden seems to have problems with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Doesn't fit study data (10% side effects vs. 25% side effects). Hospitals in trouble as personnel call in sick. (Imagine that happening in regions like Portugal where staff is scarce).

"Two Swedish regions have temporarily suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine due to an unexpectedly high number of people with mild side effects.
[...] One region is Sörmland, where about 100 out of 400 vaccinated hospital staff have experienced side effects such as fever.
The reason for the temporary vaccine break is, among other things, that the region does not want to run into too many sick leaves at the same time.

According to SVT, the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca regrets the relatively high proportion of vaccinated people who experience side effects.
– It is not good. There seems to have been a greater proportion of side effects than we had expected.
– In studies, we have seen about ten percent vaccinating get these side effects, says Andreas Heddini, medical director of AstraZeneca in the Nordics, to SVT."