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I agree with IGN's review. One of the dumbest things about 3D World are the lives. If you play multiplayer especially it just gets in the way over and over. Every person I know quickly sets up an unlimited jump on world 1-2 and gets 200 lives, then goes about playing the game. The fact that everyone I know immediately gets 200 lives before playing, enough said about how "lives" in 3D World doesn't make sense...

The game is more expensive than ever, I love the game, one of my favorite games on Wii U. It also only takes a few hours to beat with my friend. That's it. Not a lot of content for $60 (almost $100 in Canada). The new content doesn't have the co-op support of the old content either. It's fine, but it is Xbox 360 level graphics in 2021. I love the game, but I don't think there is value for someone like me that has played it before. It hasn't been upgraded, no "double the frame rate" or remastered graphics here.

I personally think Nintendo should change the price to $40 and then it might deserve an 8 or 9. I don't think the game is so amazing so much as the fun I have with my best friend playing it, and that should be reflected in the score. It's an 8 at best for a single player game, and a solid 9/10 for co-op, at a lower price.

I'm going to be buying Mass Effect Legendary Edition for $60. Then instead of less than 10 hours of content, I'll have over 100 hours. The first game will be remastered and new features added across all 3, textures upgraded to PS4 level. That's a $60 release in 2021.

Last edited by Alistair - on 14 February 2021